How to join 1Click Partners

What is an affiliate?
An affiliate is a person or business who creates a partnership with an online merchant, with the aim of generating sales for the merchant through the affiliate's marketing activities. The affiliate is paid according to the sales generated.

How does an affiliate programme work?
Once you have joined an affiliate programme like 1Click Partners, you will be provided with marketing material. You will be able to log into your account, download the material and use it on your site. The material you download will be tagged with your unique affiliate ID. If visitors to your site see these advertisements, click on them, and make a transaction with the casino, the transaction will be tracked through your unique tags, and you will be paid according to the deal structure you have created.

Must I pay to sign up?
No, sign-up is free of charge.

Will my site be accepted?
1Click Partners reserves the right to bar any sites we consider unacceptable from participating in our affiliate programme. Unacceptable sites include sites that are aimed at minors or promote pornography, illegal activities, violence or any other content that we consider damaging to our brands.

How do I sign up as an affiliate?
Click here to sign up and fill in the short registration form.

How do you track my players?
1Click Partners uses session tracking at all times. The marketing material, like banner tags, emails and adverts that you download from your account are embedded with your unique affiliate ID. If a player visits the client's website for the first time through your site, this ID, or session, is recorded by the player-tracking software. Any further transactions the player makes with the client will be allocated to your account, and you will be credited for all these transactions.

How do I check my account information and statistics?
To view all your account information, log in to 1Click and you will be able to see your account statistics and payment history, download marketing material and much more. If you require assistance, please contact your account manager.

What marketing material will I receive?
You will be provided with mailers, banners, unique reviews and text links. You can find most of these in our marketing material section on 1Click. Please contact your account manager if you need material that is not currently available on our system.

What are my different earning options?

1Click Partners is a unique and flexible affiliate programme: we prefer to customise our partners' earning models to suit them. The four options available to you are Revenue Share, CPA, Paid Advertising and our Second-Tier Affiliate Programme. Please contact our Paid Media team for CPA and Paid Advertising.

Revenue Share
When a casino player that you referred wagers money on the client site, you will earn a percentage of the bets lost by that player.

Month 1 45%
From month 2:
1 to 9 players
10 to 39 players
40 to 99 players
100+ players


The terms and conditions of the Revenue Share option can be found here.

For each qualified player that you acquire, you will be paid a flat rate under the CPA model. The rates vary according to the product that they play as well as the territory in which the players are acquired. Please contact your account manager or support if you would like to become a CPA affiliate.

Paid Advertising
1Click Partners' dedicated Paid Media team is constantly searching for the best online and offline marketing space. We have big budgets to spend on sponsorship, CPV, CPC, CPM or any deal structure in-line with our marketing strategy, for the best converting traffic. Please contact our Paid Media team if you have advertising space that will suit our brands.

Super Affiliate Programme
If you recruit webmasters to promote our casino brand, these webmasters will be known as a second-tier affiliates and will be paid the standard rate. Because you recruited them, you will get a 2% commission on any earnings your second-tier affiliates generate. Chat to your Account Manager to find out how to sign up second-tier affiliates.

Payment Process and Methods

When will I get paid?
1Click Partners makes all its payments once a month, by the 20th day of the month, for the earnings from the previous month. Paid Advertising Publishers can choose to be paid through an invoice system, or through the affiliate payment run.

How will I get paid?
To make sure that your payments reach you smoothly, it is vital that you provide us with your payment details during the registration and approval process, and that you log into your account and select your preferred payment method. Please see the payment method options below:

Time a payment takes to reflect in your account based on method:

Bank wire/Swift
24 – 48 hours
3 – 5 business days
24 – 48 hours
24 – 48 hours
24 – 48 hours

Which currencies can I be paid in?
The currency in which you are paid depends in part on the payment method you have chosen, as different payment methods accept different currencies. However, all the payment methods we offer do support the most popular currencies: USD; CAD; GBP and EURO.

Is there a minimum amount that I must earn before I get paid?
The minimum amount that we pay out on earnings is €100 (EUR). This applies to all payment methods except cheque and wire. For these methods, the minimum payment amount is €300 (EUR).

How would a progressive jackpot win by one of my players affect my earnings?
Progressive jackpot wins have no effect on your affiliate earnings.

If my balance is negative, is that carried forward?
If your players hit a lucky streak and their winnings exceed their losses, then it will create a negative balance in your account. This will not be carried forward: we will clear it for you, giving you a zero balance.

What happens to my income if I have a high roller on my account?
A player is considered a high roller if he or she generates negative commissionable revenue in any given month of at least $10,000, and the aggregate commissionable revenue (for the casino) in that month for the affiliate is negative $2,000 or more. In this case, the High Roller clause in the 1Click Partners’ terms and conditions will apply.